Raison D’être

Welcome to Sentence to Paragraph, a monthly podcast on the space between wordcraft and the writer’s life.

We are two novelists early in our careers who want to explore what it takes to master both writing craft and the business and life of being a writer. Each month, we interview writers who are excellent at both craft and at presenting themselves professionally in the world. That this gives us the opportunity to talk with our favorite authors and fangirl/boy a little is entirely incidental.


Daryll Lynne EvansDaryll Lynne Evans has two obsessions: reading and chocolate. Fortunately they go hand in hand, though sometimes the pages get smudged. She began her writing life as a playwright for Performing Arts Conservatory in Colorado, but has since turned to fiction and screenwriting. She has an MFA in fiction from Purdue University, and is *this close* to completing her second novel. She is the executive director of Wordcrafters in Eugene. She reads, writes, and nibbles in Eugene, OR.


James Stegall James AaronJames Stegall is an Army veteran with a background in journalism. Life has led him on a weird path through mental health nursing, airspace control, security management, and lately chicken wrangling. He lives in Oregon, where he writes fantasy and science fiction under the pen name James Aaron. His most recent book is Lyssa’s Run (The Sentience Wars: Origins Book Two) with M.D. Cooper. Things he loves: Corgis, animal rescue, and Science Fiction and Fantasy from the 70s and 80s.


Molly Martin started writing when she started reading. A life-long fan of speculative fiction, she continued writing while studying biology, which she highly recommends to any spec-fic writer. She joined the Army and deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Upon returning, she got serious about her writing, combining a major in linguistics with a minor in creative writing. Her debut novel Survivors’ Club, is coming out in April 2018.


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